Spring Trials 2018
April 14 – 19

After the wildfires in Ventura County and Los Angeles, thousands of people lost their homes and businesses. None of the industry production facilities suffered any damage, but I’m sure as you drive up or down the 5 or 101, you’ll still see the charred remains come this April. Despite Mother Nature’s winds making the firefighters’ jobs even harder, the show must go on. Spring Trials will be held from Saturday, April 14 to Thursday, April 19, 2018. A couple of things to note for this year’s trials:

  • Some stops will be open for a shorter time this year, so if you’re planning on attending Spring Trials, be sure you pay extra attention to the dates and times for the stops you’re going to visit.
  • The Israeli companies—Cohen, Hishtil and Jaldety—that moved to Chisan Orchids last year will now be at Suncrest Nurseries in Watsonville.

We know that this year’s trials are during a very busy time of year for many of you, but as usual, the Bobbleheads will be at each stop, reporting on what we see, so you don’t have to leave during peak season. Keep up with what’s happening by reading our Acres of Buzz e-newsletter every day of the trials and watching the videos at www.youtube.com/growertalks. We’re sure there’ll be plenty of exciting things to talk about … along with a few entertaining Bobblehead Bloopers.

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